Refund and Returns Policy

Return Policy

Every order is special to us. We really get excited about every new order, so we pack it with the utmost love and care and when we realise that you want to return it, we get disheartened. So, we request that you choose your order wisely. If you feel that you are not happy with the product and want to return, it is possible as per two conditions. In Condition one where we feel that there is a genuine reason for a return like the ones mentioned below, we assist you to apply for the same but in condition 2, we have no option but to refuse.

Condition 1

What are the conditions under which one can return?
a. In case there is a product mismatch, that is, the product sent doesn’t match the product ordered. Product mismatch means that the product delivered is wrong in terms of Specifications or Colours.
b. In case the product is found with some issues such as, it is non-functional, physically damaged or tampered.

What are the timelines to apply for a return?
a. In case of any mismatch or wrong product, you can apply for the return within 7 days of receipt.
b. However, if the product is found in damaged, defective or non-functional condition, the return request should be filed within 48 hours of delivery.

Condition 2

Exceptions to return or when can a return be rejected?Though we are there to help you at every step, however, under the following circumstances, we will not be able to lend any support –
• When the product is found to be altered/ used
• When the product applied for return is found to have a different IMEI no. than the one delivered
• When the mismatched product is reported after 7 days of delivery
• When the product is not covered under MobiBay’s warranty
• When a missing/ damaged product is notified after 48 hours of delivery.
What are the things required for return?
• Once it is decided that the product is acceptable for return by the MobiBay team, the customer is requested to pack the product in the original box with the original bill. Then please inform the MobiBay team through a call or mail for organizing the pickup through our courier partner at the earliest.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We urge you to check the phone model and quantity thoroughly before placing the order. Refund/Cancellation is a costly affair for us as it includes a lot of time and effort from our team as well as from our logistics partners. We would yearn that you request cancellation only in case of unforeseen circumstances. Also, no cancellation/Refund request will be entertained after your desired product is delivered.
What if the box is delivered without the product or the products is found missing?
In the case of the above scenario, the complaint should be registered within an hour through a mail with a video of unboxing the product delivered and a bill copy attached. MobiBay will check with the courier partner and revert at the earliest.
360° video recording is a must before opening the package and while unboxing the product. Any discrepancy found while recording the video or found tampering refund will not be applicable.
What is the process of refund?

• In the rarest of rare cases if you want to cancel your order and meet the criteria mentioned above, please send a mail to [email protected] with the invoice id and the respective bank details.
• We will validate the claim and revert to you with our decision within 24 working hours
• However, you are requested to call at 8688464566 if there is no response from the MobiBay team in 24 working hours after sending the mail.
• Once the claim is validated, the order would be cancelled and the refund to be processed within 7 working days.